Your Camping Necessities: Adjust-A-Grill

Summer is coming quickly, which is often synonymous to camping trips, fishing trips, hiking and RV camping trips. That being said, having the right camping equipment with you while you’re off exploring is a necessity.

While most people seem to remember to pack the camping tent and other camping accessories, they often forget one of the most important camping necessities: a grill.

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We don’t always think about taking a grill with us when going camping or fishing, because we figure that there will be grills on camp. Although it would definitely be ideal to have a grill at every RV camp or fishing camp, it’s not always the case.

That’s when Adjust-A-Grill comes in. The concept behind Adjust-A-Grill was extremely well thought out, since its small but solid structure allows you to carry it around as you explore all the while allowing you to cook heavy meat or multiple foods at once. All you need to do, when using Adjust-A-Grill on your camping trip, is find a bonfire circle and pound the Adjust-A-Grill stake into the ground. When that’s done, simply slide the grill onto the fixed stake and adjust its height to best fit your needs. If you want the food to cook faster, bring it lower, if you want to relax and enjoy the scenery as the fish you caught earlier in the day is cooking, fix the grill higher on the stake. Depending on where you want to sit, you can rotate the grill to protect you from the fire and smoke.

adjust-a-grill, camping, camper, grills, bbq, camping accessories, camping necessities, ezdealio

Adjust-A-Grill makes it easy and fun to eat while on a camping trip or on a romantic picnic. You can sit back, relax and enjoy time with your family anywhere you go, rather than running left and right to find a grill on camp.

That’s what being on vacation and family camping is all about, after all!


Adjust-A-Grill, ezdealio, camper grill, grill accessory, camping accessories, camping necessities