The Difference between Natural & Organic Food

For most people, natural food and organic food is the same thing. Although both are very similar, they are not the same. One way to easily differentiate them is through looking at their definitions: Organic food is essentially any food that is produced and later handled using an organic approach as defined by the USDA under the Organic Food Products Act.

However, natural food generally includes all food products that were not synthesized or chemically altered. Thus, not all natural foods are organic.

Why is there a High Demand for Organic Groceries on EzDealio?


It is a fact that synthesizing food like natural food results in the loss of essential, beneficial properties and nutrients. This is why many people today buy groceries that are labeled as organic food. When a food is organic, this means it is free of pesticides, preservatives, and chemical fertilizers that are used during the cultivation process. In addition, the government monitors and guarantees that all foods labeled as organic, which make the demand for such foods increase.

Since the government monitors labels like organic food, manufacturers cannot simply claim that their products are organic without showing proof. The manufacturers must follow specified regulations prior to getting permission to use the organic labeling on their products. In contrast, the natural food label is freely used by manufacturers because of inadequate guidelines. This means that even natural foods may not necessarily be that natural as they have been synthesized with some chemicals.

While there is currently no evidence that shows organic food may be healthier than consuming processed foods, many people prefer eating organic products since they are much safer with no chemicals used during production. Recent studies done on organic milk show that increasing organic intake offers more nutritionally beneficial antioxidants and less exposure to the toxic metals found in conventional milk. Hence, buying your organic foods, available at a discount from EzDealio, could help boost your health. Likewise, to some extent natural food may also be beneficial but not on the same level as true organic products.

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The other major difference between these two types of food is in shelf life. In this regard, organic food lasts longer than natural food, so you can safely store it for a much longer duration without having to worry about the food going bad. Since natural food is processed minimally but still contains some chemicals, most products with a high content of water have very short shelf lifespan.

Due to the stringent processes that manufacturers have to endure as they make organic food, this kind of food is usually more costly than natural food, but EzDealio guarantees great online deals.

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