The Best Ways To Maintain A Positive Attitude

We live in a world filled with negativity. People think more about themselves than they do about their loved ones, co-workers or employees. Second guessing people’s intentions has become a habit for many, as we’re all worried that the other person is hiding an agenda. Pessimism has increased in popularity over the last couple of years, and people often mistake being pessimistic with being realistic.

How can you keep a positive attitude when everyone around you is negative?


It’s hard. But not impossible.

At EzDealio, we believe that keeping a positive attitude will create a happier, healthier and more successful life. Therefore, here are a few tips from our experts on how you can maintain a positive attitude despite all the negative energy around you:

  1. Wake Up & Write

    We’re not suggesting that you should start writing a book every morning, no. You should write down your goals first thing in the morning though. You can call this book the “Possibilities Journal,” where you’ll jot down your goals and aspirations. You don’t have to write too many goals in there, but just enough to keep you stimulated every day.

    We suggest writing down the biggest goals, the ones that spark a fire inside of  you and make you want to get up and snap out of the negative thinking. Those are the goals you want to write down every morning. If your goal is to lose five pounds by the end of the month, write it down every morning, so you can keep a positive attitude throughout the day by remembering your ultimate goal and working towards it.

  2. Say Affirmations on the Daily

    Whenever you start feeling weighed down by negative energy and negative thoughts, give yourself a pat on the back by saying affirmations out loud. Your brain will register the positive affirmations and will change its path to a more positive one. The more affirmations you say every day, the more positive you will be.

    Some great affirmations: 

    “I am successful.”
    “I am beautiful.”
    “I am more than a number on a scale.”
    “I am healthy and happy.”
    “I am achieving great things in my life.”
    “I am going to be OK.”

    As you can see, affirmations are said in the present tense, so your brain can register it as a present affirmation, not something that will happen someday.

  3. Start a Journal to Keep Track of Your Goals

    Let’s call it the “goals book”. This journal should always be right next to your possibilities journal, so you always keep a positive outlook on your life and accomplishments. Every night, you should jot down, in the goals journal, three things you’re proud of accomplishing that day. It can be anything from washing the dishes, completing your to-do list or running a 5K, to buying a new office or losing three pounds. This habit will allow you to keep a positive attitude towards your life, by focusing on the things you’re most proud of. Even if the day didn’t go as planned, you still accomplished three amazing things, no matter how small.

    Once you have the three accomplishments written down, continue the positive streak by writing 5 things you want to do tomorrow. In the morning, look at your goals journal to keep in mind what your goals should be that day. It can be anything from smiling at least once to going grocery shopping. Anything that will keep your positive streak going.

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