The Benefits of Training With Resistance Bands

There are many products designed to help your weightless and fitness journey. Although having choices is definitely a plus when it comes to switching up the routine a little here and there, but having too many choices can be confusing at times. That being said, we’ve decided to take a closer look at the new it thing – resistance bands. We love them most because of how versatile they can be and how easy to carry around they are. You can literally just bring them in your handbag while you travel around the Country or going off to the beach. Here are some of the benefits:


Resistance Bands are Versatile

Challenging your body is extremely important in order to see constant changes in your muscles, metabolism and overall body structure. Using resistance bands will allow you to switch your routine around every other day without using weights or machines, which will challenge your muscles differently. The resistance bands will keep your muscles in a shock state to help break break through a plateau or PR. You can get so creative with the exercises you add to your fitness routine by either using the band to hold yourself while doing pull-ups or using them as a way to correct your form as you’re squatting. The possibilities are endless.


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Resistance Bands are Great For Bodyweight Exercises

Using these elastic bands can help you keep a well-proportioned body by helping you work every muscle in your body. There are hundreds of exercises you can do with resistance bands, especially if you’re relying solely on the resistance band to do your workouts. Thanks to its elastic features, you can easily extend the band as much as you want (within reason) and practice the exercise you want. Adding resistance training to your workouts will help you work your muscles harder as they target hidden muscles, which are often overlooked when using the machines or dumbbells.

Resistance Bands are Injury-Friendly

This might be the best thing about resistance bands! How many times have you heard about someone getting hurt at the gym because of poor form? Or how many times did you see funny videos of people going crazy at the gym and tearing a few muscles, breaking a few bones or hurting their joints? Chances are, many.

Since using resistance bands help you improve your overall range of motion through muscle stretching, your body will be less prone to injuries as it will be stronger on all levels. We know what happens if you don’t stretch your muscles at the beginning of a workout, but resistance band exercises can help you warm up at the same time as you strengthen your muscles. As your muscles grow stronger, gradually, and are stretched at the same time, your body will transform into a lean machine! Your muscles will be lean, since they’ll be stretched out, all the while looking defined and strong.

Whole in one, resistance bands, whole-in-one.

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