Summer Travels Made Easy with Pillow+

Traveling isn’t always fun when you’re crushed by two other strangers without your favorite cozy pillow to help you fall asleep. You would’ve brought your oh-so-cozy pillow with you, if it weren’t too big to fit in your carry-on bag. So, you’re stuck in a very awkward position as you try to make yourself comfortable enough to fall asleep as one of the two strangers is slowly dozing off on your shoulder.

Doesn’t sound like a great start of summer vacation, right?

What if I told you that a pillow actually exists to help make your life that much easier when you’re traveling? Now partnered with Shop Club USA Network and the EzDealio Marketplace, The Pillow+ is amongst the power sellers on our commerce platform. Made 100% in the USA, this innovative pillow is a mandatory accessory for your travels this summer.

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The Pillow+ was first created to help you be more relaxed in the water by providing you with an attachable pillow to rest your head on while relaxing on a pool noodle. Over the years, the Pillow+ evolved to become one of the most popular travel pillows available today. Being small enough to fit in your purse, you can bring the Pillow+ on the plane with you as you travel off to new summer adventures. The Pillow+ is made of quality materials to create a soft, water resilient and flexible pillow – whether it’s in the water or on an airplane, The Pillow+ has got you covered! This travel pillow offers a comfortable and washable pillow case that comes with every purchase.

If you have back problems, you can also use the Pillow+ as a lower back support while you’re seated, by putting it behind your lower back arch as you fly or drive off to summer bliss.The Pillow+ is unique with its self-contained carrying pouch that can be easily strapped to your bag, purse or belt while you relax or go on exploring your surroundings.

pillow+, the pillow plus, ezdealio, travel tips, airline tips, summer vacation

Having the right pillow is extremely important to get a good night’s sleep and feel energized for the next day, which is why the Pillow+ is such a great accessory to carry with you while you travel and relax. It’s lightweight and easy to store, so it won’t be a bother as you walk around.


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