When Should You Replace Your Old Cell Phone?

Over the last few years, new smartphones have been the order of the day with new models being put out every year. Smartphone manufacturers have designed launch schedules to ensure their customers always get the latest features on their phones as soon as they are available. So what is your excuse for rocking an old iPhone when you can get the latest one for cheap?

If you are having trouble deciding whether your phone has ran its full course, sift through the list below to get an idea of when it’s time to ditch your used cell phone and get a newer version.

It has a Button Keypad

Most smartphones (other than some Blackberry versions) come with touch screen keypads and controls. This helps users get what they want done effortlessly on their phone just by gently tapping the screen. On the other hand, if you are using an old cell phone, you are probably stuck pressing buttons repeatedly just to send a three word text message. It’s time to upgrade!

It Has a Cracked Screen

Okay, so you don’t have a button keypad cell phone and pride yourself of having made the technology jump from buttons to touch screen like everyone else? Well, that is all well and good but if your iPhone screen is shattered and not from the virtual effect of a fancy application, it’s time to upgrade. Using a shattered iPhone touch screen is quite frustrating, and (without sounding too dramatic) you can even end up cutting your fingertips! Not the best way to start the day off.

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You have a Stack of Replacement Batteries

Cellphones usually run on rechargeable batteries, which usually last for about a year on average. This means every other year that goes by, you find yourself in need of a replacement battery. If you have a stack of about four or more replacement batteries at home, it’s time to upgrade. This is the best thing to do before technological advancements render that battery design and size obsolete leaving you with a dead, used cell phone.

You can’t find a Case for your Phone

You know you need to get a replacement if you find that searching for a new case has turned into a difficult task. Note that, the cell phone business is big today, and cellphone accessories can be found in every mall around town. However, if finding a cellphone case for your old cell phone is proving to be difficult, it is time you moved on to a new phone.

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