Men’s Guide To Fashion

Fashion is about a lot of things, but self-confidence is Number 1. There is a lot of movement in society to help women become more self-confident, but they forget that men have insecurities as well. We don’t always have the body we want or the suit we desire, therefore our confidence can definitely be lower than expected. The only difference is that we don’t show it as much as women. Maybe it’s because we’re men and “we’re not supposed to have feelings,” or because we’re too proud to let other people know that maybe we’d like to fit into that black suit. Or, simply, because we don’t know where to start.

There are a lot of books out there on how to be fashionable as a man, but I want to go deeper with this article. I know you’re very busy, which is why I will only outline the best secrets on how to dress. In the next posts, I’ll discuss how you can introduce fitness into your lifestyle, so you can make a killer fashion statement!

Fashion Your Way To The Top


Everything you wear makes a statement about who you are. Whether we want to admit it or not, we are a very materialistic society; the first thing people will notice about your are your clothes. They might actually remember what you were wearing but not what your name is, therefore it’s extremely important to wear the right thing and wear it the right way.

Here’s the breakdown:

1. Color-Match

I know it may sound logical, but I’ve seen some pretty funky outfits in my  lifetime. A lot of men think that it’s “cool” to be careless about their clothes, but they forget that it makes them seem careless about their lives. When wearing an outfit, make sure that the colors match together. I don’t mean that you should wear only one color per outfit, but neither should you wear five. To look classy, limit your colors to two or three per outfit. You can wear a pink shirt with dark blue jeans, and black shoes with a hint of blue. You can even add a dark blue scarf with pink stripes if it’s cold outside. As you can see, there are three colors in the whole outfit, but they are spread around each clothing. This is a great way to match your colors without seeming like you’re trying too hard. If you want to go for a more formal attire, you can play with different shades of grey. Last note on color matching: do not, ever, wear black with brown. I know that there are people who wear brown and black together but it’s a big no-no in fashion. The two colors are not made to live under the same outfit, period.


An outfit is only as good as its accessories. Women have the luxury of wearing as many accessories as they would like. Us, men, though have to limit ourselves to scarves, gloves, glasses, or watches.  Although it may not seem like much, there is a lot that can be done with these four. Some of you may like to wear earrings or necklaces, personally I don’t find them very professional but if it suits your boat and isn’t too extravagant, you may go for it. If you live in a friskier area, a scarf is a necessity as it makes you look more sophisticated. You can also wear a dark-colored scarf with a grey or beige sweater, with dark-colored jeans and beige shoes. The beauty of the scarf is that it makes you even more masculine as you tie it around your neck in a fashion statement. Make sure the scarf stays within the color limitations though. Gloves are also a big hit and a great companion to the scarf. Not only do they keep your fingers warm, but they also make you look sophisticated. Wearing gloves is always approved as long as you’re wearing them with a suit or long coat. Do not wear gloves with short-sleeved shirts as it will make you look like a biker.

Glasses, on the other hand, can be worn with everything. If you have an eye problem and need to wear glasses permanently, choose a dark-colored frame – Do not go overboard with the frames by choosing flashy colors that work with only one outfit; you’re going to wear them everyday, so you need to make sure that it will match with everything. A dark grey color always works. If you want to wear sunglasses, make sure you test them out to frame your face the right way. You can ask a professional to help you with that. Finally, we have the watches, my personal favorite accessory. The beauty of these wrist huggers is that they make a statement about who you are; wearing a small, delicate watch will make others think that you’re delicate and shy. On the other hand, wearing a medium to large-sized watch will compliment your manly wrist and outfit. As long as you keep within the three color theme of your outfit, any watch will do; you can find watches with hints of colors here and there that make it look fashionable and professional. Again, no extravagant colors unless your outfit has extravagant colors or unless  you’re going to a theme party.


3. Get a Fitting

All the rules above only work if you are wearing the right clothing size. Before getting into it all, go see a tailor and ask him to measure your size. This will not only make shopping go by faster, but it will also make you look good in your clothes. There’s nothing worst than wearing a 44 suit thinking that it’s the right size when in fact you should be wearing a 42. Numbers don’t lie, go see a tailor before buying off the rack.

4. Shoes


The first thing people will notice about your outfit, other than the color matching, is your shoe game. You can be one of those cool individuals that wear  sneakers everywhere you go, but I can assure you that it will not lead you as far as you would hope. Wearing sneakers with everything just gives the other person the impression that you don’t care about your life enough to buy good shoes, or that your life is too complicated to think about shoes. Neither one of these assumptions makes you look good in front of an interviewer or a potential date. We notice shoes more than we notice people’s eye color; we notice what shoes are worn before we even know what the person’s name is. Why? Because we live in a solitary world where everyone would rather look down than look up. This is why, when you walk, people will notice your shoes and have an idea of who you are, without really knowing you, based on what footwear you have.

You might actually have experienced the shoe-meet, where you walk down the street and you notice a crazy-looking pair of shoes walking next to you. First thing you do? You look up to see who owns the shoes and most of the time the shoes match the face. Also, when you go into an interview, the  interviewer will look at your shoes to see how clean they are. When you leave, they will look at the back of your shoe to see if it’s worn out; in high-class jobs, the interviewer might even choose not to hire you because you can’t take care of your shoes. If you can’t take care of your footwear, how can you take care of their accounts?

Therefore, make sure you own at least one good pair of black shoes. You need to shine them on a weekly basis to make sure they look good. If they are worn out in the back, go see a shoe expert and ask if it can be fixed. If it can’t, give the shoes to charity and go buy yourself a new pair. When buying new shoes, make sure you break them in before going out for a whole day with them. Your foot needs to adjust to the fabric and the tightness of the shoe before you can walk comfortably with them. Remember, you can never have too many black, clean shoes. You can switch them up as the weather changes, as long as the boots look clean. You can even wear shoes with a brighter color, like red, to make a statement or use as an icebreaker with people. Just keep it within the three color limit for the whole outfit.

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5. Only Wear Clean Clothes

As a gentleman, it’s your duty to have clean and wrinkle-free clothing. Nothing says more about your way to handle life than your clothes, as I said before, therefore clean clothes are a necessity. You need to make sure that your shirt and pants are always ironed, and that you fabric is always clean. Buy yourself an ironing board with an iron and get to work. For those of you who don’t know how to iron your clothes, let’s look at it step by step –
Right after you wash and dry your piece of clothing, lay it flat on the ironing board. Not all the piece of clothing will fit on the ironing board so don’t panic; you can start ironing the sides, the  sleeves included, and the proceed to the middle and then the remaining side. When ironing, make sure you go slowly on the fabric and adjust the heat according to what type of fabric you have. When one side is done, you can take on the other side. Quick note for dress shirts: open the cuffs and the buttons, so you don’t iron on them. For pants, we say “pressing” them instead of “ironing” since we’re using only a gentle gentle pressure in order to do the work. If it’s the first time you’ve ever pressed your pants, it might be necessary to find the crease again. To do so, you just need to lay the pants flat on the ironing board, and line up the seams of the leg match. The crease will be just as far from those seams as the fabric goes, simple. The crease should go up the leg and stop at about six inches below the waist. You can then start pressing with the crease in mind, to keep it intact. Creases are what makes the pants look good and fitting, therefore it’s important to have them. If you are not up to ironing and pressing your clothing, you can always go to the cleaners and let them do the job for you. Less of a headache for you, but you have to remember to pick it up on time.
Also, never wear anything that as a stain on it. If you want to wear your lucky shirt for your interview, but it’s stained with last night’s taco dish, throw it in the washer and find another lucky shirt. Even if it’s the tiniest stain and you find a way to cover it up, it’s not worth the risk. Wearing a dirty, or ripped, clothing only tells other people how irresponsible you are. Since it’s not true, why would you want to portray that imagine? Find another clothing, the luck will come with a positive mindset.


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