How-To: Smokey Eyes

Putting eye shadow is already a science on its own, but when it comes to doing the smokey eye shadow, we’re in a whole new area of expertise. Although not for everyone, the smokey eye is a great way to intensify your gaze by darkening the contour of your eyes. You can wear smokey eyes at a small get together or even at the club or bar, depending on how intense you want to make it.

To help you get the best look for your next event, our beauty team has come together to bring you an easy how-to guide to get that smokey eye look everyone goes crazy for.

Step 1: Clean Eye Area

Make sure you clean the area around the eyes with water. Do not use soap when washing your face, as it can damage your skin; you can simply splash your face with cold water and then pat your face dry with a clean towel. If you have an oily skin or oily eyelids, blot the oily areas with a paper towel or oil absorber to make sure that your skin is makeup-ready.

Step 2: Contour

Once your eye area is clean and oil-free, start outlining your eye with a dark makeup pencil. You can choose between dark blue, dark brown, dark grey, or full on black. It all depends on the colors you want to use for the eye shadow.

Beauty Tip: if you have blue eyes, do not use a black eye liner or black outline, as it can intensify the eye area too much. When it’s too intense, it can become overwhelming.

When outlining your eyes, make sure the line on top of the upper lashes (upper line) is thicker than the line at the bottom of the eyes. This will intensify the look subtly and make your eyes pop rather than droop.

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Step 3: Apply Base Color

Use a brush to apply your base eyeshadow color on your eyelid and just above the crease. The base eye shadow should be a light color, to create contrast and get that intense smokey eye look.  Start from the interior and brush it in about halfway through the eyelid. Once base eyeshadow is on, use a brush or sponge to blend it in and create a more natural look through natural fading.

Step 4: Smokey Eye Shadow Application

For this step, use a triangle sponge for better application. Tap the pointy side of the triangle sponge in a dark eyeshadow color (usually the same color used for the eye contour) and apply it around the exterior eyes all the while blending it in. Start at the exterior and then blend it in following the eyelid crease until about halfway through the lid. The dark eyeshadow should be less intense on the bottom of the eyes, to focus the attention on the upper eyelid. If you want an even darker look, you can use a dark makeup pencil to draw a line inside the eyelid crease and then fade it out using the sponge applicator.

Step 5: Finishing Touches

Once the smokey eyeshadow is applied, add the finishing touches by brushing it in and creating a fading effect with the base color. You want to create a fading effect from the exterior to the interior, with the exterior being darker. The middle area of the eyelid should be a mix of the base color and the contour color, while the crease should be very dark to intensify the look.

smokey eyes, diy smokey eyes, makeup tutorial, ezdealio blog


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