How-To: Eyebrow Filling

Everybody is talking about how to get eyebrows on fleck, and since we’re all about helping you, here at EzDealio, we’ve decided to put together a short list on what you need to do in order to get those killer eyebrows.

Although we’d all love to have amazing eyebrows with our having to play around with them, it’s unfortunately not always an option. In order to get killer eyebrows, you need to create them with effective eyebrow filling. Eyebrow filling is a science of its own, as you need to get the perfect technique to draw in your eyebrows while still keeping a natural look. So what’s the secret to eyebrow filling?


You will need to find the perfect color, density, shape and technique that will work for your eyebrows. Here’s your go-to guide for eyebrow filling:

  1. Find the right color

    Before you do anything, go to your favorite beauty salon and ask the aesthetician what color you should opt for when filling in your eyebrows. Ask for guidance on the color you should pick to make your eyebrow pop without taking away from the intensity and beauty in your eyes. The aesthetician knows what she’s doing, but you can still ask for two or there extra opinions, just in case.

    You want the perfect color after all… you can never have too many opinions when it comes to eyebrow filling.

    Once you know what color fits best for your face and eyebrows, find an eyebrow pencil or matte eyeshadow in that specific color.

  2. Clean the Brow

    Before you start putting makeup on your eyebrows, clean it. Wash your face and eyebrows with water and dry it off by softly tapping your skin with a dry, clean towel.

  3. Prime the Brow

    Once the eyebrow is clean and ready to go, it’s time to prime it. Using a flesh-tone base concealer, prime your eyebrow and brow bone to add more intensity  to your eyebrows. Priming the eyebrow and brow bone will make the eyebrow color pop even more, which will intensify the look twice as much.

  4. Draw Your Eyebrow Filling Map

    Using a pencil or matte eyeshadow in your color, draw your eyebrow filling map following your current brow shape and bone to determine which curve you should go with. It’s just one line – your pencil should not be lifted while you draw the line.

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  5. Fill It In

    Once the map is done, draw a second line on top of the brow to define the top shape of your eyebrow. Use the eyebrow filling map to guide you as you draw the top line – follow the curve you drew on the map. Once this top line is drawn in, start filling in your eyebrow and softly blend in the color to get that natural but thick eyebrow color look.

  6. Conceal Color

    Grab your favorite matte concealer and use a dab on the arch underneath your eyebrow. This will intensify your eyebrow’s shape and color all the while bringing more attention to your eyes. Do the same thing with the arch over your eyebrow to create an even more spectacular eyebrow look. Make sure you softly blend the concealer lines so they look natural.

  7. Dust it Off

    Once you’ve completed all the steps above and are happy with your new, breathtaking eyebrow filling, dust the eyebrow with setting powder to remove any impurities or imperfections, and you’re good to go!


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