Fairy Fastener: Enhance Your Bling Beauty Faster

There’s nothing quite like the frustration you experience when you are in a hurry and just can’t seem to grasp the functionality of your bracelet’s or necklace’s clasp. Especially when you just got out of the shower or tanning booth and your hands slip a little more than usual.  Closing the clasp on your bracelet or necklace is even harder for men, as their fingers are genetically bigger than women’s. That’s when the helping fairies come and give you a hand with their innovative Fairy Fastener products.

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Necklaces are especially hard to handle when it comes to the clasp, as the clasp seems to get smaller every time. The Necklace Fairy from Fairy Fastener lets you jump over the necklace clasp hurdle with its rare earth magnet clasp adaptor. The Fairy Fastener for necklaces is easy to use and adds a touch of femininity to your necklaces, ladies. All you have to do is attach the Fairy Fastener Necklace Fairy to your necklace, before you put on your jewelry, and then attach it around your neck with a quick and easy magnet clasp. You can personalize your Fairy Fastener by choosing between a silver or gold-plated fastener, to best fit your jewelry and preferences.

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When it comes to bracelet clasps, the Fairy Fastener also has you covered! With its easy to use Bracelet Fastener, you can have more control over your bracelet without struggling to make both ends meet (literally). Simply hold the Fairy Fastener in your hand and secure the clasp onto one of your bracelet. With your other hand, close your bracelet around your wrist quickly and comfortably. If you have nerve damage or arthritis, you’ll be happy to hear that the Fairy Fastener was made with you in mind! The Fairy Fastener for bracelets was designed to form the shape of your hand as your comfortably put on your bracelet. Your joints will remain safe while you add more bling to your outfit.


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