Do’s and Don’ts of Taking Supplements

When it comes to supplementation, creating the right habits is everything. Yes, even with supplements, there are a few rules to follow in regards to timing, body type, lifestyle, and habits. If you’re just following the short directions on the label, you might create negative effects on your body and health. That being said, the EzDealio team has put together a short list of do’s and don’ts of supplementation, so you can see better results in your health.

Check your supplementation combinations

Some vitamins and supplements can’t be absorbed fully if they’re not taking with a decent amount of fatty acids. For example, vitamin D, K, and E need a healthy amount of fats to be taken at the same time, so they can be in a perfect environment for processing and distribution in your body. If you just gulp down a vitamin D capsule without any fats, you’re not fully absorbing the vitamin D.

Check with your health practitioner

If you’re taking any type of prescription drug and plan on taking other supplements, check with your health practitioner beforehand. Some supplement-drug combinations can be fatal, especially if they’re both extremely powerful. A good example would be a pre-workout or energy drink taken when you’re on heart medication. Also check with your health practitioner to make sure that your new supplementation won’t alter the effects of your prescription drug, as one can easily cancel the other depending on the ingredients found in both.

Be mindful of timing

To make sure you get all the benefits from your supplements, you need to take them at the right time. If you’re training for an event, race or bodybuilding competition, supplementation timing is everything; since your body enters the anabolic state right after your workout, you should feed your body enough protein and carbohydrates within the first 60 minutes after training to make sure you feed your muscles and boost your metabolism. Good dietary supplements to take pre and post workout are energy bars, quest bars and protein shakes. Intra-workout supplementation should only be BCAAs, to keep you hydrated and minimize muscle tears while working out. You should also steer clear of fat burners after 5pm, to sleep well during the night.

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