Should You Detox Your Body?

Feeling a bit out of sorts lately? Tired? Constantly lethargic? It might be time to detox your body of toxins and rid your blood and organs of unhealthy metals. In the last few years, detox diets have grown in popularity as men and women around the world saw drastic changes in their mind and body by following a somewhat strict to very strict detox plans. We looked a little deeper into the issue, as we were wondering why detox diets were rising in popularity at such a fast rate. Some of the recurring benefits were:

1. Increase in Energy Levels

If you don’t follow a healthy lifestyle, this might be the biggest change you will see post-detox. In most detox plans, you are required to drink to certain concoctions in order to rid your body of all the unhealthy toxins that take over your mind, body and spirit and use all your energy to destroy your body. Sounds horrible, doesn’t it? Unfortunately, these toxins are found in our every day foods and in the air around us. They attack both the body and the function of our cells, which in turn create lethargy, headaches and can lead to autoimmune diseases if the quantity is too high. When you detox your body, the liquid mixes and vitamins you take are strong enough to combat the toxins and rid your cells, blood and organs of all the unhealthy rodents. As the infectious substances leave the body, your blood flow will improve and in turn create a boost in energy.

2. Weight Loss


When doing juice cleanses or following detox plans, your body is flooded is antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and nutrients. If you follow the cleanses and detox plans strictly,  you will see your body changing as it flushes the toxins more quickly than ever. Since most detox plans and cleanses follow a juicing approach, the plan will give your digestive system a break from working on your food as your stomach will only be filled with liquids, which are faster to process. as your detoxing, your body will also start feeling fuller longer, as the foods you liquify contain a lot of fiber (from fruits and vegetables) and will therefore minimize hunger. You don’t need to do cleanses and detoxes weeks or months on end to see weight loss actually, a few juice-only days every few weeks will do the job in conditioning your stomach and body to detox your body regularly.

3. Skin Improvement

The skin is the largest organ on our body, which is why it’s almost more prone to injuries and toxins. To ensure that the skin remains healthy and efficient in its job to protect our muscle tissues, bones and important organs, it automatically regenerates itself every 2-4 weeks. That being said, the cleanses and detox plans allow for a healthier skin rejuvenation, which in turn rids your skin of acne, wrinkles and spots. As you’re feeding your body cleansing nutrients and vitamins, your body will use those cleansing nutrients to regenerate the skin, which will minimize your chances of having acne or unhealthy-looking skin. Healthy really does breed healthy after all.

Bottom line is, detoxing and cleansing your body of negative and unhealthy toxins can only do your body good. It might be tough to follow the programs at first, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll never want to go back to your unhealthy habits. The detox will open your eyes in sorts, by helping you see how great you can feel when you eat healthy and nourish your body with the right vitamins, nutrients and minerals.

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