C-Capture: Backing up Your Computer Has Never Been Easier

Everything we do is lodged in our computers; from family photos, to favorite playlist, to personal information and business documents. Regardless of what it is, if it can be on a hard drive, it’s most probably on our computer hard drive.

Without regular hard drive backup, your chances of losing all your files and personal information from an unexpected computer crash increase exponentially. That being said, backing up your computer has never been more important.

Since many backup specialists know the importance and increased need for computer backups, they often inflate their prices for tech support or backup programs. Which is why C-Capture shines from everyone else.

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C-Capture‘s Survive Drive is the new solution to computer backups. You don’t need to install difficult programs to backup your internal drive, and you definitely do not need to pay hundreds of dollars every few months to keep your files safe.

The Survive Drive from C-Capture gives you complete control over your c-drive files with it’s innovative USB Drive solution. In order to backup your files, all you need to do is plug C-Capture‘s Survive Drive into your USB socket and patiently wait as your computer transfers your c-drive documents and files into the USB device.

Your files will be kept safe in the USB drive until you need them again. Should you need to restore your backed up files, simply plug in C-Capture‘s Survive Drive into your computer’s USB socket and click the Restore button to get the process started.

No long program processes. No expensive technology.

C-Capture‘s Survive Drive doesn’t have any recurring payments to keep your files safe – you just pay for the device, and you’re good to go. You can have anywhere from 32GB to 128GB of storage available to you with the Survive Drive.


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