6 Awesome Zoolander Products

As if Paris Fashion Week wasn’t already a hit amongst its admirers, the fashion show had a big twist as Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson announced the premiere of Zoolander 2, schedule to appear in Theatres February 12th, 2016.

Now, that’s a plot twist we weren’t expecting for the glamorous Paris Fashion Week… although we do love all the glamour presented in the movie Zoolander. That being said, in honor of the official announcement of the sequel, we’ve put together a list of awesome products that have Zoolander written all over them:

1. Derelick My Balls by Zazzle

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If you need an icebreaker, this is it. You don’t even need to say anything, just walk tall and confident with your “Derelick My Balls” shirt at a party, family gathering or gym and enjoy the attention. If someone comes up to you with a Zoolander reply, you just found a winner!

2. “Blue Steel” Shirt by RedBubble


If you can’t do the Zoolander Face yet, wear the shirt and call it quits. There’s just something about having the Zoolander Face and pout on your shirt that will turn your day upside down by making you feel fabulous on the spot. You might not be feeling the Zoolander Pout today, but your shirt will say otherwise.

3. Derek Zoolander’s Special School by TextualTees



This must have been one of the funniest quotes in Zoolander. It pretty much explains the whole thinking behind the movie and basically why we all love it so much. There’s no other explanation needed for this gem, definitely a home-run for us. One of our favorites.

4. Zoolander Sweater by RageOn

Screen Shot 2015-03-11 at 2.11.41 PM


Another Zoolander Pout Face classic that we love! Winter might be coming to an end, but summer nights will always be sweater-ready. If you’re going to wear a sweater during those amazing summer night, you might as well wear the Zoolander Pout Face to bring more fab & glam to your night.

Keep being glam & fab.

5. “Balls Models” by CafePress



Another great one that will definitely be the talk of the town. If anyone ever asks you why you’re wearing this shirt or what the quote in the middle of it means, simply respond with “Zoolander Fabulous” and people will understand (or so we hope).

6. “I’m with Stupid” by 7BuckTees



You’d probably not buy this one for yourself, at least we’d like to think so, but this makes the perfect gift for a sibling or best friend you have that special friendship with! You can buy it in a variety of colors, but we likes yellow, since it makes us think of the Minions and how they all simultaneously love and hate each other. Like we said, it’s the perfect gift for that special someone that zings you every now and then.

Can you believe that it’s already been 14 years since the first Zoolander movie came out? Until the sequel comes out in 2016, you can keep the Zoolander mindset alive with these amazing items. Tell us, which one was your ultimate must-have?!



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