15 Best Gadgets for Your Laptop

Every day we spent a lot of hours on the laptop, working, playing and killing time. Let us tell you some amazing gadgets and things to have along your laptop to make your time,  even better, all of which are available at Ezdealio.

1. Protect Your Screen

Start with a screen protector. A screen protector will allow you to protect your screen from spills of laughter during those hilarious movie bits you love watching on you laptop. We all do it, admit it.

2. Stay Connected

You need to add a 3G Wireless WAN device to your laptop to enhance the connectivity. These devices are available at telecom companies and are also offered by AT&T and Verizon. You can find them on our ezDealio marketplace as well.

3. Cool-Up Your Laptop

You can “cool-up” your laptop with great stickers or bling, but that’s now what we mean in this case. The laptop has a bulk of activities going inside and consists of various mechanisms hence overheats. To keep your laptop cool, invest in a laptop cooling pad. The fan will keep your laptop at a fine temperature and save you from any trouble.

4. Wireless Connection with TV

We all love to connect our laptop to the big screen to watch movies, pictures and even see our work shine on a big screen. You need to get rid of wires and spend some dollars for a wireless TV connection kit. These days the one by HP is doing great.

5. Laptop Carrier

Get yourself a bag which fits in your laptop, its charger, the Wi-Fi device and all your must have accessories and keep your stuff intact. It’s a great way to keep everything handy when you’re going away with school or when you have to get out of your great office space. No one likes scattered documents and everybody despises (to not use hate) dropping their laptops because there aren’t enough hands to carry it all.

6. USB Charger

Don’t you hate it when you are in middle of something and your battery drains and then you are too lazy to plug in the charger? Purchase a USB charger and plug it into your laptop via the USB port and boom, your battery is charged.

7. USB Drives

Buy a USB Drive and let your laptop rest. USB Drives is a data storage device which allows you to carry information with you. Great if you work with more than one computer, like in University for example. You can keep all your information handy with these small, little tool. It’s perfect, truly. You can even get different shapes and sizes, to best fit your needs.

8. External Hard Drive

Gone are the days when you had to be afraid of losing data due to a virus. An External Hard Drive allows a backup of all your important documents. It is plugged directly into your laptop and backups a whole lot of data.

9. Gaming Zone


If you are a game freak you need to invest in some good gaming accessories to enjoy your laptop experience to the utmost. You can buy some gaming games or even accessories play stick or multi-level keyboard. The possibilities are endless.

10. USB Mouse

Touchpad is not everyone’s bowl of soup, especially the ones who have been using a PC for long. A USB Mouse lets you enjoy your laptop usage to a greater extent.

11. Extra Batteries

If you work from your laptop, charging issues would probably kill you, especially while travelling. Get an extra battery for your laptop to get rid of charging traumas.

12. Mini Vacuum Cleaner

There is a lot of dirt stuck between your keypad which can often block the button usage. Invest in a mini vacuum cleaner and keep your laptop clean and dirt free.

13. Printers

You will not realize the importance of a printer unless you have it with you. Get one and you no longer have to worry about going out for printing purpose.

14. Laptop Skins

Bored of the dull face of your laptop? Buy a colorful or customized laptop skin and enjoy the fresh look of your laptop. Now that’s what we call bling.

15. Speakers

Often the laptop speakers fail to amuse you like you want. Get some nice speakers and enjoy. The best speakers are mostly the bluetooth ones, which will help you hear things better even if you’re not close to your laptop.